Lab. Assignment

Our laboratory is doing network-related researches and current students are engaged in the following themes.

  • Master course students
    • Bandwidth management for cloud gaming service based on the distance between players
    • Adaptive communication resource management with Ford-Fulkerson algorithm for multi-channel in-car wireless communication
    • A study for applying provenance auditing to IoT devices under the protection of TEE
    • Adaptive resource allocation for IoT networks with Fog computing
    • Study on search and rescue with UAV
    • Network resource allocation using overlayed virtual network
    • Spatiotemporal load balancing for heterogeneous IoT networks
  • Undergraduate students
    • Active intrusion detection method for IoT devices
    • UAV flight model for reducing communication delay for DTN-FANET
    • Ant colony inspired opportunistic routing for load balancing
    • Directed acyclic graph-based resilient fog computing architecture

You can find other themes from Research section.

For the lab. assignment, I would require the candidates to have an interview in advance. Also, I value the ability of self-initiative for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and the ability of communication for sharing ideas accurately rather than academic abilities.

Due to the Lab. capacity, we are now unable to accept research students.