Lab. Assignment

Our laboratory is doing network-related research and current students are engaged in the following themes.

  • Master course students
    • Virtual Network Embedding for Improving Network Resource Utilization Efficiency
    • Autonomous UAV Flight Algorithm for unmanned Disaster Relief System Based on Estimated Degree of Hazard Risk
    • Trust-based Detection Strategy against Wormhole Attack for Flying Ad Hoc Network
    • Maximizing Network Traffic On Heterogeneous Network Using Opportunistic Routing
    • Optimizing Fog Node Placement Using Tabu Search for Fog Computing
    • Countermeasures for threats in IoT Network
    • UAV-enabled Sensor Networks
    • Network Construction Using HAPS
  • Undergraduate students
    • Centrality Evaluation for In-Route Nodes Based on Betweenness and Communication Success Probability
    • Temporal-Spatial Load Balancing Using Adaptive Method Switching for Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Charging Route Optimization Based on Estimated Energy Consumption for Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Improving Accuracy of Indoor localization Using Wi-Fi RTT with Movable APs and Machine Learning

You can find other themes in Research section.

For the lab. assignment, I would require the candidates to have an interview in advance. Also, I value the ability of self-initiative for acquiring new knowledge and skills, and the ability of communication for sharing ideas accurately rather than academic abilities.

Due to the Lab. capacity, we are now unable to accept research students.